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brazilian butt lift, fat transfer, laserlipo, smart lipo

Brazilian butt lift, fat transfer, laserlipo, smart lipo, nyc



Rhona a 34 y o ladty before brazilian butt lift, fat transfer, laserlipo, smart lipo, nyc


Rhona a 34 y o ladty after brazilian butt lift, fat transfer, laserlipo, smart lipo, nyc


Rhona a 34 yo lady wanted to know if she qualifies for liposuction, brazilian butt lift, smart lipo, laser lipo, brazilian buttock lift, brazilian butt augmentation, brazilian butt enlargement smart lipo laser lipo, fat transfer, fat grafting . She loves curves, small waist line, and a full ,perky,lifted,and round and bubbly  buttock.  Rhona  asked Dr ayman Shahine d the valid question. Do I qualify for a  Liposuction, Body contouring, Fat Transfer, Brazilian Butt lift, Brazilian butt augmentation or brazilian buttock augmentation?

Liposuction, bodycontouring, bodysculpture, fat transfer,Buttocks lift ,Buttocks augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, brazilian butt augmentation,enlargement surgeries are all great options for people who desire a 3D sculpted and contoured body look for a more sexy, lifted, perky, bubble shape, and rounded buttocks and  full, enlarged wide hips. To obtain the best sculpted look with a brazilian butt lift or a brazilian butt augmentation, We perform liposuction, smart lipo, laser lipo, of the lower back, love handles and sides to create a small waist line with a nice sink or arch above the butt and hourglass shape curves. That alone makes the butt look  shaped, lifted and  perky and gives the impression that the buttock is already bigg and enlarged. It s a matter of waist to hip ratio. The fat that was harvested from the liposuction, laser lipo and smart lipo  is ofcourse collected ALIVE, then it gets washed and  purified and these live fat cells are then stored, fortified and prepared for Fat transfer, fat grafting or fat transplant  to the buttocks and hips. The fat is transfered bu a special cannula and are plaved in the buttock and hips to fill defects,or to modify the shape of the butt as the patient wishes. The result ia a  perfect curvy sculpted feminine look t with a tiny waist line, an arch above the butt, which has now become slightely augmented, bigger, full, round, lifted, perky, and very beautiful .

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