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Bazilian butt lift is havesting live fat from another site of the body  by liposuction and transfering the live fat cells that were harvested by liposuction into the buttocks,in a fill in the blanks technique to create a fuller, more plump, and lifted buttock. Its like filling a baloon,  the more you fill it the more it lifts. we also can design where to put or place the fat in the butt inorder to  modify the shape of buttocks. So, brazilian butt lift is really liposuction of live fat cells, and transfering these live fat cells into the butt. It is NOT just fat transfer, rather it is live fat CELL transfer. The fat cell is the parking space where fat is stored or parked.This fat cell could grow the fat content in it or could shrink it. New fat storage will have to go and park inside the fat cell,which by virtue of liposuction and fat cell transfer,or fat cell grafting, has moved to the buttocks. So most new fat storage will be in the fat cell which is now transplanted in the butt. This video explains the aftermath eof a brazilian but lift ,fattransfer and laser liposuction in a 33 y.o lady from NYC…