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brazilian butt lift,fat transfer, liposuction, laser



Brazilian butt lift ,fat transfer,liposuction is a process where fat from the patients own body is aspirated using a minor surgical technique called liposuction.most doctors perform brazilian butt lift,fat transfer, liposuction,tumescent anesthesia, laser lipo, smart lipo, as a group of procedures under the same settings,especially in NYC.Tumescent liposuction is liposuction peformed under a solution of local anesthetics, antimicrobials, vasoconstrictors,and saline. Thease elements cause the area to be resistant to infection, anesthtised,with thick constricted blood vessels, which makes them more resistant to damage and trauma,therefore they function and deliver blood rapidly to the site after the vasoconstrictive effect of epinephrine wears off. this increased blood flow promotes rapid and correct heling and minimizes complications. fat is harvested fresh and alive then it is transplanted to the buttocks as desired to enlarge it ,augment it, and lift it  as needed. thus the term ” Brazilian butt lift”244263261


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