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Dr ayman shahine reviews, aymanshahinemd reviews

This article is about dr ayman shahine reviews. Internet reviews are not always accurate and one must be careful how to understand a good or a bad review. Dr. Ayman Shahine has good and other reviews from people who pretend to be former patients.

We got this email from Lola, a nurse who works in a hospital and was a patient of mine that over the years  had liposuction of her front stomach abdomen, sides, back, flanks, ovehandles, arms, inner thighs, neck and chin and the banana roll in the back of the thighs. The fat was harvested alive and was transfered to her buttocks and hips to give her the ” lifted big bubble booty” as she calls it, or Brazilian but lift as we call it. That was followed by laser skin tightening,and laser lipo ,or smart lipo. Her results were very good and she also was a good patient who followed all post op instructions and did all she had to do to heal well. She was a very happy and pleasent person and it was always a pleasure to see her and to deal with her. Her  daughter, her two sisters and many of her family, coworkers at the hospital and  friends came to and had their procedures with me. almost All except one of her cousins had a fantastic results. her cousin went to a massage place in the Bronx who illadvised her to wear extremely tight girdle resulting inmany lines and dents on her skin which we corrected for her later ia a touchup procedure.

Lola was surfing the net and came across a few sites that were bitterly critisicing the dr. Upon deeper look and analysis she found out that they were systematically attempting to tarnish the reputation of the Dr, despite he doing a great job on them and desppite them not comply with his post op instructions and advices.Lola sent me the answer she wrote to one lady and it reads as follow

” Hunny I saw your pictures and the pictures of other ladies out there who like to feel sorry for themselves. The truth is I had my procedure done with Dr Ayamn Shahine, as well as many of my friends and family. Also many big name celebreties had their procedures with Dr Ayman Shahine. They ALL without a single exception look not just good but AMAZINGLY good and sexy.  AND  they ALL without any exception brag about it publicly from Hollywood to New York  on the internet, on TV, and in every occasion they can. We see for our selves their great bodies and curves.

K Michelle, Nya Lee, Stephanie Santiago, Kimbella, Rene Graziano who he fixed after her previous experiences, and many many others. I have seen so many people, ordinary  people, that he did and they really look amazing. They ALL brag  PUBLICLY about their beautiful results and their love to their doctor and they gladly post their results on the internet and You Tube live.

I saw a few people who were too excited too soon and started to wear tight cloths or sat down slouching foreward with resultantant horizontal  lines and ripples in their skin from long hours of sitting slouching with their extremely tight garment or tight cloths on !!! also some did not apply the foam as he instructed them under the garment so they got lines and dents in their skin from the tight garment itself. Others sat down hours on end on their buttocks immediatly after their fat transfer and had the fat melt or grow unevenly  These people all have the same lines like yours and the other sad girls. The dr said its not uncommon for people who dont follow after care instructions to be loud and abusive. Its their psychology.Those lines and unfavorable results are not the doctor’s fault. The final result of any procedure depends on the doctors work and more importantly on us the patients how we take care of ourselves after the procedure. Its obvious you and other sorry haters like you are being very passionate and want to tarnish the Dr’s reputation. Its one thing to post your experience, but its another thing to  hide the facts, blame others for your deficiencies, be foul mouth, low class and verbally abusive, which as the dr said is a psychological charecteristic of people who dont comply with medical instructions and are like this in all their live’s issues. Dr Shahine has  thousands and thousands of happy and satisfied patients like me attest to his high class, kindness and great work!!!!  we continue to refer our friends and families to take advantage of his great work. MY own daughter and two sisters had a procedure done by Dr. shahine and they all cannot be more happy and satisfied. It is obvious that there are too many false and in accurate reviews out there tryingto slander the dr. The matter of fact is haters and ignorants can say all they want, Doctor Ayman Shahine’s work speaks for itself. Despita All they say the work is ALWAYS superb  .

Those interested to know more can go to you Tube  or to his website and see his great educational videos on tight clothing and other cosmetic pocedures.


tight restrictive clothing will leave markd and dent the skin


marks left on skin by tight restrictive clothing.