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how much does a Brazilian butt lift and a fat transfer procedure cost

One of the most common inquiries we get is about the cost or price of a brazilian butt lift por a fat transfer  procedure. The cost of a brazilian butt lift procedure varies from one person to another. But as a general starting point in a skinny to medium built people the  price of a brazilian butt lift brocedure starts at about 5000$ upwards in heavier people. Brazilian butt lift is not a standardadized procedure. In general it means to fill the butt with fat so that the buttocks grow, enlarge, and thus lift. The fat to be grafted to the buttocks is usually aspirated or suctioned from other parts of the body in a process known as liposuction. There are many diffrent types of liposuction, and there are many diffrent areas of the body that can be liposuctioned  inorder to obtain the fat that is needed for transfer to the butt for a brazilian buttock lift. Some of the diffrent types of liposuction are the old fashion hollow tube lipo, Smart lipo, laserlipo, waterjetlipo, ultrasonic lipo, power lipo, tickle lipo, infrasonic lipo,and many others. each type of these diffrent liposuction techniques has its pluses and minuses. It is best to let the surgeon chose the modality and type of liposuction according to his/her experience or according to what the skin type or needs of the patient are. The areas where liposuction can be performed are many as well. for the specific purpose of a brazilian buttock lift or a brazilian buttock augmentation, here in NY I recommend to get liposuction to the lower back, sides and lovehandles. This will lead to maximize the curves. Liposuction of the sides  gives the beautiful hourglass curve shape, liposuction of the lower back gives the sink in the lower back that dives in before the butt protrudes ouy as a full round lifted structure. liposuction of the love handles which are two balls of fat in the lower corner of the back gives the tiny waist and shapes the butt. Other areas of the body can get liposuction as well and have their fat transfered to the buttocks and hips



liposuction of the lower back, sides and love handles with fat transfer to butt and hips. Before and After Dr. Ayman Shahine