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how to care for you butt after a brazilian butt lift

post op carIMG_4048e  after a brazilian butt lift



Another common question people ask all the time is how do I take care of my body after a liposuction, fat transfer, and a brazilian but lift  or  butt augmentation procedure?

Like any surgery you must first follow all your doctors instructions to the letter including filling your prescriptions of antibiotics and pain medications to be used a s needed. Next for post liposuction, one must wear the foam and the girdle continously 24×7 for the first 7 days and then not wear anything tight  like belts, jeans, the elastic of any pants, tight bras, or others. Also one should not slouch afetr the liposuction surgery. up to at least 6 months otherwise the skinwill take the shape of multiple horizontal lines like an accordion. As far as fattransfer after care one should take the prescribed anti biotics, keep the butt clean, rub the butt with a hand sanitizer alcohol and shower with an antimcrobial soap and water. Do not lose weight or go into negative caloric balance. if you go into a negative caloric balance the body will then used some or all of the transplanted fat as food or as a source of energy. As far as the brazilian butt lift is concerned no pressure muxt be applied to the butt and therefore bo prolonged sitting, and no laying on bautt. The part of the butt exposed to the prolonged pressure, will get dented and become flat and will more or less take the shape of the chair or seat. Therefore it very imperative not to sir on the butt and to obtain a stiff at least 6 inches high pillow, wrap foam., ….. or what ever to place unde the thighs and heep butt from touching and getting exposed to pressure. also it is advised to place a moderately soft pillow in the lower back , right above the buttocks so that a person can be more comfortable when sitting .