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post liposuction care,post op care after

Post liposuction care, or post op care after liposuction, fat transfer, and,  brazilian butt lift procedure  ia very important. After the dr performes his procedure the ultimate success of the liposuction, smart lipo, laser lipo, tumescent lipo, laser lipo, smart lipo, fat transfer, brazilian butt lift, and brazilian butt augmentation procedure depend in a small part on the dr’s work and in large part on how the patient takes care of himself /or herself AFTER wards; thus the term post liposuction care,post smart lipo care, post laser lipo care, post brazilian butt lift care, post fat transfer care,post fat grafting care. Dr Ayma n Shahine of NYC, is in the process of writing a book on the subject of post op care and after care of liposuction, smart lipo, laser lipo, tumescent lipo, laser lipo, smart lipo, fat transfer, brazilian butt lift, and brazilian butt augmentation  and he graciously agreed to share with us some advises on how one should take care of himself/herself after a brazilian butt lift, fat transfer, liposuction, smart lipo, laser lipo, tumescent lipo,brazilian buttock enlargement, or augmentation, buttock implant,and buttock enh procedure

Five domains have to be followed faithfully postoperatively inorder to get the best possible outcome after your liposuction, fat transfer, brazilian butt lift, smart lipo, laser lipo,



Over the many years in practice we have concluded that most unfavorable results after liposuction, smart lipo, laser lipo, tumescent lipo, fat transfer, brazilian butt lift, brazilian buttocks augmentation,aand buttocks implant procedure, were caused by noncompliance especially in one of the following domains. Every patient MUST comply  fully with all in order to get a favorable result.


 1- FOLLOW UP : It is your responsibility to schedule your follow up 7-10 days post op.


 2- DO NOT wear tight cloths before full healing ( 6months) : Tight cloths like purse string in scrub suits, elastic of underwear or pants, belts, bras, jeans, tight girdles, waist trainers, etc., tend to leave an impression on the skin with secondary dents  and irregularities. A tight post op compression garment will also cause lines, dents and irregularities, that’s why we only recommend post op garments with moderate compression and to wear the foam sheet under the garment at all times. Wait till you fully heal  before wearing these tight cloths usually 6 months.  We recommend you only wear dresses for first 6 months after the procedure.


  3-MASSAGES: Post op massages help            reduce post op pain, swelling, inflammation and  promote correct healing if done appropriately. Unfortunately  most massage parlors are medically unsupervised and unregulated, and exhibit unscientific and often dangerous practices that have resulted in unfavorable results in some of our patients. Our massages are medically supervised and engineered. Therefore we want our patients to only have their messages HERE  in the office, or don’t do them at all


 4- Post operative compression garments and foam: During Liposuction fat under the skin is removed. Within a few days inflammatory body fluids fill the space where fat used to be. This fluid buildup under the skin is not good because it can cause pain, swelling, skin stretching and wrinkling, and increased risk of bumps and irregularities, infections, and seroma formation. Post op compression is very important because it exerts positive pressure on the skin so it attaches to the under layers, and prevents body fluids from collecting and swelling the skin. Post op compression is achieved by wearing the appropriate compression garment. The problem is that there are thousands of different types of post operative compression garments, most of which are not designed ergonomically and may cause irregular and asymmetrical creases on the skin with multiple lines of stricture, like a tight pantyhose, therefore the compression garment may behave like the tight cloths we discussed earlier leading to skin irregularities grooves and bumps. We found that the best solution for this problem is to wrap the body with a sheet of  compressed foam that is about one inch thick( the Pilates matt) and then on top of that wear the compression girdle. This way the tight stricture lines  of the compression garment are obtunded  by the foam and have minimal or no impression on the skin. The conclusion of the above is that you must wear the compression garment and must always wear the foam underneath it to prevent the lines of stricture of the compression garment.

5- Slouching, or bending over especially during sitting, leads to folding the anterior abdominal skin and causes horizontal lines of skin breakage with folds of skin rolls like an accordion, which in people who do it for extended periods of time could become permanent.