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brazilian butt lift,fat transfer,laser lipo

Brazilian butt lift, fat transfer, laser lipo, and  liposuction have become very safe and efficient procedures that have made many people happy nd enhanced their bodies .



Recent years the446 measure of b435eauty has evolved a700nd the shape of the bod728y as it pertains to curves and contours has become an important determinant of beauty. What makes a woman’s body beautiful , sexy and feminen is curves. cuevy body means a flatter stomach, sides that are concave inwards to give the hour glass shape,a flat back with minimal  or no under bra rolls, a small waist line with a sink above the utt and a full perky lifted butt. To avhieve this look whicch I call the Silouhette shape, we need to do full body sculpture ,which includes liposuction of the front stomach, ot as medically called ,abdominal liposuction, liposuction of the sides,, liposuction of the back or the flanks,  and liposuction of the love handles. The fat harvested from all these sites, is ,ofcourse harvested alive under strict steril technique,and a low suction pressure. The fat then gets eashed and perified, then its injected,or transfered to the butt in a predetermined locations to fill the skin baloon of the buttocks. The medical term for this process is cslled fat transfer to the butt, or fat grafting to the butt. theis transfered fat does live and grow if the patient follow the post op instructions faithfully. simply dont lose weight after fat transfer, wear your compression garment faithfullu and appropriately, and DO NOT SIT OR LAY on your butt ecause this will restrict the blood supplyto the transferred fat and cause the fat cells to die and lyse transforming into a non viable liquid or cysts. The process mentioned above is called ” BRAZILIAN  BUTT LIFT” , or brazilian butt augmentation, or enlargement. A very common question people ask me is, Doctor what is the price of a brazilian butt lift? what is the price of fat transfer, or fat grafting? what is the price of liposuction? what is the price of  laser liposuction?. The answer is simple. The cost of Brazilian butt lift, fat transfer, fat grafting,liposuction, laser liposuction, and  smart lipo,  varies depending of how many areas of the body need to be suctioned, the size and quality and quantity of the fat and skin, because it is not enough to do liposuction alone, it is very important to tighten the skin too , otherwise the result will not be as beautiful and attractive.

It is said that doctors in Brazil were the first to experiment in transferring fat to the buttocks to achieve  the perfect brazilian butt lift, or brazilian butt augmentation/ enlargement, to obtain a full round, lifted bubble, plum and round butt. So in conclusion, Brazilian butt lift is filling the buttocks with fat that was suctioned alive from othe parts of the body. It is in essence brazilian butt enlargement leading to tugor and lift, which could be a little ot a lot depending on the beautiy standard and desire of the person.

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