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what is the cost of fat transfer, liposuction, and brazilian butt lift based on?

The cost of brazilian butt lift is based on how many areas of the body are getting liposuction. The more areas of the body get liposuction the more  we need to spend time, medications and  anesthetics to perform it. Therefore the more the cost. The areas of the body that we typically perform liposuction on are the upper abs,. lower abs, or what we sometimes call the front,  stomach, or the abdomen. Liposuction to this part of the body gives a flat  front, stomach, or abdome. Te other part of the body that we per perform liposuction on are the sides. This is the strip of the body from the axilla to the hip bone. Liposuction of the sides gives the hour glass  or the S shape. Next part of the body that we can perfoem liposuction on is the back. It starts from the underarms posteriorly, all the way down till the upper borders of the buttocks, and includes the under bra rolls, and the fat bad above the buttocks. The next area that can be liposuctioned are the love handles. The love handles are two balls of fat in the lower corner of the back. Removing all the love handles give the smallest  waistline and really contours the body and gives it the  typical contoured curvy shape which we call the perfect Silhouette shape. IMG_3163.JPG (2)IMG_3177


The fat collected can be transfered to the butt and hips for a brazilian butt lift or a brazilian butt augmentation  procedure.

Additional  areas of the body that can get liposuction  if needed are the pubis area,the labia majorae, The arms, The thighs, The knees,the upper shoulder, the buffalo hump in the back of the neck, and chin, The calfes, and any place  in the body where there is  fat that can be felt or squeezed bu the fingres.

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